The Home of ALTERNATIV Work Wear.

We are a 100% black female owned company specializing in the manufacturing of protective work wear and corporate workwear with an emphasis on fit for purpose female work wear.
We provide garments to the market that are stylish, comfortable and safe. We also offer various services in the work wear and branding space. The company is all about personalized solutions that reveal the soul of the client.
Our business objective is to grow market and share value in South Africa whilst offering predictable quality, value and unforgettable customer service. We dress the worker and give life to your brand.

Fit for purpose work wear with style

About Us

Khanyile Solutions is a female owned company specializing in the manufacturing of protective, disposable and corporate work wear. We also do customised manufacturing. We distribute all leading brands of safety shoes and PPE products that can be used by our female workers. We also provide branding in-house.

Suppliers of ALTERNATIV Work Wear

Under our label, ALTERNATIV we have ensured that we cater for the female worker with fit for purpose work wear.

We manufacture work wear that is colourful, fashionable but most importantly safe for any hazardous industry. We understand that, the worker must be safe, but we also want them to feel comfortable in their work wear.

Popular Products

Special orders can be customized based on fabric, colour, and embroidery to accommodate your needs. 

Female Pregnancy conti-suits.

Hi-viz Shirts.

D59 Navy Blue/Yellow conti-suits.

1 piece overalls with reflective taping.